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3D Technology Damaging HD Viewing

By June 1, 2011Newswires

3D Technology Damaging HD Viewing

By Rodolfo La Maestra

Two months ago I cautioned consumers about the possibility that some new passive 3DTVs could affect the quality of 3D side-by-side images but also the quality of HD viewing, which is what most viewers would still watch because most content is not available in 3D.

Some viewers may prefer to convert to 3D all content if the set is capable to do that, and although some 2D content may show an interesting improvement with the touch of some 3D depth, I would not recommend on-the-fly 3D conversions of all content because some may be difficult to watch when converted to 3D, and abusing of that practice could even hurt the general acceptance of 3D if viewers become disappointed with the results and think all 3D is the same, when actually is not.

Recent events that happened when several 3D public theaters projected 2D movies may bring to surface the potential of possibly affecting 2D viewing on some 3DTVs at home; keep reading.

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