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Nvidia Talks 3D Vision

By May 24, 2011Newswires

Nvidia Talks 3D Vision

The critics said 3D was a fad that would soon follow Bad Mouth Billy Bass and Crazy Frog singles into the landfill site of novelty obsolescence, and that no one would want to wear 3D glasses in front of their screen. Nevertheless, a couple of years later we’re still being bombarded by 3D movies and technology, and stereoscopic 3D finally appears to be gripping at least a large part of the consumer tech industry.

One of the key pioneers in 3D PC gaming was Nvidia, bringing out its 3D Vision kits back in 2008 – well before the mainstream 3D uprising really took off. The company not only supports 3D gaming, but makes its own active shutter glasses and USB emitters. But will 3D gaming really take off, what are the benefits of active shutter glasses, and just how much of a threat is posed by AMD’s new HD3D technology? We’re joined by Nvidia’s senior product manager for 3D Vision Andrew Fear, and 3D Vision product manager Phil Eisler to discuss Nvidia’s 3D strategy.

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