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Why 3D Movies Could Be So Much More

By March 25, 2011Newswires

Why 3D Movies Could Be So Much More

By Mark Changizi

The trouble with “3D Movies” is that they’re not 3D movies so much as “binocular movies.” The stereopsis 3D sense is just one of multiple perceptual functions binocular vision gives us, and it is not the most important. Evolutionary cognitive scientist Mark Changizi argues that “3D Movie” makers have been missing out on most of their creative space, because they have not recognized the full range of powers their binocular movies can harness.

At the end of January I was in San Francisco at the SPIE conference on Electronic Imaging, and attended a two-hour session demonstrating samples of state-of-the-art 3D videos from upcoming movies, video games, advertisements and artistic pieces. The general reaction of the several hundred people there was positive, and I enjoyed it as well.

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