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Passive, Active 3D Formats Go Toe To Toe

By March 21, 2011March 24th, 2020Newswires

Passive, Active 3D Formats Go Toe To Toe

By Greg Tarr

NEW YORK — As the first of the 2011 3DTVs start to arrive in retail stores, the consumer electronics industry finds itself in the throes of a new consumer format conundrum — passive or active-shutter 3D glasses?

TVs compatible with the 3D Blu-ray Disc standard first appeared last year, all using so-called active-shutter glasses. These glasses are battery powered and actively switch on and off the left- and right-eye views in alternating sequence to produce 3D images, in some cases in Full 1080p HD resolution. All were launched with great fanfare and promotion, but saw lukewarm (1.3 million units overall) sell-through numbers at the end of the year.

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