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Get your specs on – it’s a 3D revolution

By March 15, 2011Newswires

Get your specs on – it’s a 3D revolution

By Oleg Nikishenkov 

A group of US and Russian businessmen have set up a venture to bring Russian 3D technologies to Hollywood.

Leonard Nebons, a consultant and private investor, together with Mike Lane, a partner in the Los Angeles-based company 4Intertainment, and Oleg Stepanov, head of Russia’s 3DTV Vision, found each other last year when then-California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger visited the Russian capital.

“We had a meeting with Arnold Schwarzenegger at Spaso House and told him how much Russians love his movies, and that we could reissue his movies in Russia in 3D,” Nebons told The Moscow News in an interview.

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