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Sony showcases Sandy Bridge lineup

By February 22, 2011March 24th, 2020Newswires

Sony showcases Sandy Bridge lineup

By Darius Chang

While 3D laptops have been around for well over a year, there are only a handful of stereoscopic portables in the market, compared with waves of 3D HDTVs already in stores. Sony is the latest to join the stereoscopic camp with its first 3D laptop, the Vaio F.

Showcased along with refreshed Sandy Bridge models from its Vaio S and Vaio C series, the Vaio F offers full-HD resolution along with active shutter technology. One common feature across all machines is the adoption of USB 3.0 standard, which offers a transfer speed 10 times faster then USB 2.0. Sony’s Sandy Bridge laptops will hit Singapore from the end of March.

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