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3D triples fun of watching TV

By February 22, 2011Newswires

3D triples fun of watching TV

By Yoon Ja-young

Since the global success of “Avatar,” 3D has become the keyword of the movie industry. 3D fantasies like “Shrek” and “Alice in Wonderland” swept the cinema, and the new wave made more people consider enjoying 3D at home, triggering fierce competition among TV manufacturers to lead the 3D TV market.

How does 3D work?

When look at something with the left eye and then switch to the right one, you will note that the two images are different. When we see something with both eyes, the brain combines the two images into one providing depth (3D) perception.

It takes a special camera to make a 3D movie. A camera which has two lenses like human eyes films from two different angles, and viewers use special projection hardware or eyewear to give the illusion of depth. The flimsy red-and-green cardboard glasses and gigantic projection screens of IMAX theaters are some of the special devices used.

Some 3D films are based on 3D conversion technology. They shoot it with an ordinary camera, and later use a computer program to transform it to 3D. Production this way is usually cheaper than filming with a special camera.

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