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Panasonic Cameras Picked for New 3D Series

By February 10, 2011March 24th, 2020Newswires

Panasonic Cameras Picked for New 3D Series

Production company Vertical Ascent recently acquired a number of full HD 3D camcorders from Panasonic to record content for a new 3D series.

The AG-3DA1 model was chosen for its mobility, ease of use and versatility.

“We have been blown away with the performance of the 3DA1,” director Adam Friedman said. “It’s so small, cost-effective and facilitates bringing a very high level of quality and creativity to the set. The DP can set convergence while he’s shooting and, working with the Panasonic BT-3DLH2550 3D monitor, can quickly effect changes. The end result is that we’re able to move through a lot of shots in a day.”

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