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In-Flight Movies Could Go 3D

By February 4, 2011Newswires

In-Flight Movies Could Go 3D

By Sean O’Neill

Nintendo will launch its 3DS game console on March 27, with a display that creates the illusion of three-dimensional depth. In a convenient twist, the device does not require the user to wear goofy-looking glasses to enjoy the full 3D effect. Airlines might adopt similar displays for their seatback TVs, giving passengers the option to see 3D content on in-flight entertainment systems.

The Nintendo 3DS uses a clever display developed by Sharp. A layer of tiny stripes covers an LCD screen, so that your left and right eyes see different images. This trick creates an illusion of of depth and space. Nintendo is certainly using the technology for games, and has not entered talks with the aviation industry. But its glasses-free 3D innovation could work perfectly well on seatback TVs.

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