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Is 3D Going Too Far With Contact Lenses?

By January 13, 2011Newswires

Is 3D Going Too Far With Contact Lenses?

By Michelle Castillo

3D images projected by your contact lenses? It might not be that far fetched of a science fiction reality. In-eye 3D image displays are being developed for contact lens technology, according to the New Scientist. Nanotechnology has worked in contact lenses already.┬áSensimed, a company founded from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, created the first commercial smart lens which uses electronics in the contacts to treat people with glaucoma. The lens, pictured above, transmits information about the wearer wirelessly in order to monitor levels.┬áDon’t throw away your 3D glasses just yet though; it’s still a long way before we can see the future.

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