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DDD to showcase new 2nd Generation Intel® Core Processors with TriDef® 2D to 3D game conversion

By January 6, 2011Newswires

06 January 2011


DDD to showcase new 2nd Generation Intel® Core Processors with TriDef® 2D to 3D game conversion solution 

Las Vegas, Nevada: DDD Group plc (AIM: DDD), the 3D consumer technology licensing group, announces that DDD, will be demonstrating TriDef® stereoscopic 3D software with Intel’s new 2nd Generation Intel® Core processor PC platforms, at the Consumer Electronics Show, which starts today.

Based on Intel’s new 32nm microarchitecture, the new 2nd Generation Intel® Core processors offer new levels of performance through optimized Intel® Turbo Boost Technology and Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology, as well as significant advances in visual and 3D graphics capabilities through processor graphics.  These new advances will deliver new capabilities, and the performance with 2nd Generation Intel® Core processors will allow a broad range of popular PC games to be enjoyed by consumers without the need for additional graphics devices in their PC.

DDD’s TriDef 3D software allows hundreds of the very latest PC games to be played in stereoscopic 3D ‘off the shelf’, even though the game has not been specifically developed for 3D. DDD’s TriDef Ignition™ 2D to 3D conversion engine is compatible with DirectX 9, 10 and 11 games. Its unique high-performance stereoscopic 3D render mode enables 3D gaming with no significant compromise in performance, on a broad range of PC products including next-generation mainstream PCs incorporating new 2nd Generation Intel® Core processors.

By making powerful graphics capabilities part of the core processor, PC manufacturers will be able to expand the range of desktop and mobile PCs that can offer stereoscopic 3D support, while also reducing cost through the elimination of separate graphics processors that have traditionally been required for playing games on PCs.

DDD will be utilizing the new stereoscopic 3D support now available on 2nd Generation Intel® Core processor-based systems, which supports S3D on the latest 3D TVs via HDMI 1.4a.

Visitors to Intel’s booth at CES will be able to see demonstrations of new usages based on these systems, including 3D Blu-ray movie playback and personal content viewing for 3D TVs.

DDD’s TriDef 3D Experience solution is already used by many leading PC OEMs including HP, Acer, Lenovo, Fujitsu and LG Electronics in notebook and All-In-One PCs. Available in 25 international languages, it features automatic 2D to 3D game conversion, automatic 2D to 3D photo and video conversion and playback of originally made 3D movies, including the library of over 30 HD 3D movies available for download from DDD’s Yabazam! website.

Through a collaboration with The S-3D Gaming Alliance (S3DGA), special arrangements have been made at CES to show popular PC games in stereoscopic 3D using TriDef 2D to 3D conversion on the new Intel processors..

Chris Yewdall, chief executive of DDD said:

“The demonstrations of TriDef with the new 2nd Generation Intel® Core processors are the culmination of several months of close development work by DDD and Intel. We believe the integration of powerful graphics in Intel’s PC processors will help drive growth in the 3D market while lowering the cost of 3D capable PCs for both OEMs and consumers.”

“S3DGA is happy to assist its members in making exhibits like this possible because they help demonstrate the benefits of stereoscopic 3D gaming and show the diversity of our industry,” said Neil Schneider, Executive Director of The S-3D Gaming Alliance.


DDD Group

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About DDD Group

DDD, also known as Dynamic Digital Depth, is transforming the viewing experience with applications for 3D displays. Its patented technologies enable: 3D viewing with and without glasses; simple integration of computer games applications with 3D displays; supply of 3D content through 2D to 3D conversion; and 3D transmission over existing networks. DDD’s shares are quoted on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM Market (AIM: DDD).

Technology background

A new category of flat screen LCD and plasma displays is being developed and marketed by major consumer electronics companies that provide stereoscopic 3D images both with and without the need for the viewer to wear glasses. Stereoscopic 3D images appear to have natural in and off-screen depth.  3D displays can now be found in desktop PC displays, notebook computers, and HDTVs worldwide and have also been included in mobile phones in Japan and Korea.

DDD’s solutions provide an important bridge between conventional two-dimensional (2D) software applications and content and the new 3D displays. Normal 2D pictures, video and computer graphics images are manipulated by DDD’s patented software enabling them to be displayed on 3D displays without requiring the content to be created especially for a 3D display. DDD’s solutions also enable automatic conversion of virtually any media from 2D to 3D without any pre-processing of the 2D image.

DDD licenses these software applications, marketed under the TriDef® and DDD Mobile™ brand names, to consumer electronics manufacturers for inclusion with the 3D display products supplied to their end users.  DDD also licenses its software directly to end users who already own 3D displays and through an international sales channel. DDD’s customers include:  Samsung, HP, Acer, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Sharp, Wistron Corporation and Arisawa Manufacturing Company.

About The S3DGA

The S-3D Gaming Alliance is a non-profit industry standards and advocacy group designed to accelerate the adoption of display technologies through stereoscopic 3D video games. S3DGA provides for standards discussions, consumer promotion, education, and awareness. Its membership is comprised of organizations and individuals with an interest in developing S-3D hardware and software solutions. Visit for more information about the organization and its upcoming meetings.


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