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AMD, Intel, NVIDIA: our silicon will power future “smart” TVs

By January 4, 2011Newswires

AMD, Intel, NVIDIA: our silicon will power future “smart” TVs

By Chris Foresman

This year has seen two major developments in the TV market: 3D, and the Web. TV makers are betting that consumers will flock to stores this holiday season to upgrade their plain old 2D and Web-less panels with models that will let them bring the Internet into their living rooms without requiring them to add another box to their entertainment center. In this four-part series on the Future of TV, Ars takes an in-depth look at the major transition that TV is currently undergoing.

To understand some of the technological innovations that will enable a shift in how we use TVs, we spoke to AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA. All three companies shared some information about what hardware we can expect to see integrated in future TV sets and what innovations they believe will be driven by new hardware capabilities.

In talking with representatives from some of the top suppliers of CPUs and GPUs for next-generation “smart” TVs, a few common themes emerged. One of those themes that garnered the most discussion is that 3D will be big in future TVs, in more ways than one.

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