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Cherry says ‘HNIC’ in 3D will look like viewers are ‘standing by the glass’

By December 10, 2010Newswires

Cherry says ‘HNIC’ in 3D will look like viewers are ‘standing by the glass’

By Bill Brioux

“I’ll tell ya one thing — I’m the star, not 3D.”

That’s Don Cherry’s take on this Saturday night’s special 3D broadcast of Hockey Night in Canada.

Six Panasonic 3D high definition cameras — four on the ice and two in the booth — will bring all the action in the new 3D format for Saturday’s Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens tilt.

CBC plans to duplicate the 3D experience again on February 20 at the annual outdoor Heritage Classic from McMahon Stadium in Calgary.

Cherry and his long-suffering “Coach’s Corner” desk mate, Ron MacLean, recently gave a demonstration of the new 3D technology at a news conference where the CBC unveiled its winter slate of programs.

An audience of CBC personnel, advertisers and reporters were handed 3D glasses in order to watch a short clip on a giant screen.

Even Cherry was impressed with the test.

“The close-ups were unbelievable,” said Grapes. “(Boston Bruins’ goaltender) Timmy Thomas looked like he was coming right onto the stage. Know what it looked like? It looked like you were standing right by the glass.”

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