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Avatar on 3D Blu-ray: Only $400 (Not Including TV)!

By December 3, 2010Newswires

Avatar on 3D Blu-ray: Only $400 (Not Including TV)!

Want to watch Avatar on your 3D HDTV? Be prepared to lay down some cash.

By Jared Newman

A few months ago, Panasonic locked up exclusive rights to Avatar on 3D Blu-ray, with plans to bundle it with 3D televisions. Turns out, that won’t be the only way to get the movie this holiday season.

Panasonic will also sell Avatar as part of its 3D Full HD Ultimate Pack, which includes a 3D Blu-ray player and two pairs of glasses you’ll never use if you already own a 3D TV from another manufacturer. That bundle costs $399.95. Hey, early adopters have loads of expendable income, right?

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