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Contour’s New Battery Niche: 3D TV Glasses

By November 16, 2010Newswires

Contour’s New Battery Niche: 3D TV Glasses

By Jeff St. John

Contour Energy Systems has launched an opportunistic attack on a niche consumer market right in time for Christmas. On Monday, the Caltech battery spinout formerly known as CFX Battery announced a line of disposable coin cell batteries specifically engineered to make 3-D TV glasses last longer than competitors.

About 3 million 3-D TV sets are expected to sell in this holiday season, and that should double next year, says Ernie Petrus, Contour’s vice president of consumer marketing. As we note in our GigaOM Pro report on 3-D TV (subscription required), glasses will be an integral part of the 3-D TV viewing experience for some time to come, and some 80 percent of the active kind that need power to work use simple, disposable batteries.

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