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World’s first 3D TV tuner card – 3D TV comes to your PC

By October 14, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

World’s first 3D TV tuner card – 3D TV comes to your PC

By Tony Sarno

Why spend thousands on a 3D TV set? For a lot less, you can add AVerMedia’s 3D TV card to your PC and watch local 3D broadcasts. The strange thing is, they DO look better on a PC.

If you want to take TV on your PC to the next level, there’s only one way to go – add the world’s first 3D TV tuner card. Together with some other necessary accessories (a 3D-capable monitor, 3D graphics card and 3D glasses kit), AVerMedia’s AVer3D CaptureHD will let you watch 3D TV broadcasts on your PC that are as good as anything you’ll see on a proper 3D TV. 

While 3D broadcasts are still relatively rare  – launched in Australia in 2010 when Channel Nine screened the NSW vs Queensland State of Orgin rugby league series – many more are planned by the TV networks in 2011. The conventional way to see one is to buy one of the 3D TVs now on the market, from vendors like Samsung, Sony or Panasonic. These TVs won’t leave you with much change from $4,000.

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