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3DS Isn’t Just 3D DS

By October 6, 2010Newswires

3DS Isn’t Just 3D DS

By Paul Govan

Living in a family awash with Nintendo hardware makes a new clamshell gaming product significant and exciting for me. But having been stung with a string of attractive yet largely unimproved updates to the DS lineup (DSlite and DSXL both adding little to the existing functions), I’m a little more cautious.

The DSi eventually delivered more than I first expected – with some of my favorite games on the system now being DSI-ware (Starship Defense and Pulse Pinball). But it also took away the GBA slot, something I’ve still not really got over.

The 3DS console is happily more than just an iterative change though. In what may have originally been called the DS3 (after the original DS and DSi took the first two spots in the series), we have a genuine next generation in Nintendo handheld gaming.

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