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Gamers are Driving 3D TV Purchases

By October 6, 2010Newswires

Gamers are Driving 3D TV Purchases

Study says movies may be popular, but video games will drive the 3D boom.

By Levi Buchanan

Step aside Avatar, you are not the driving factor in getting new 3D TVs into homes and the electronics industry is waking up to that fact. At GDC Online, data from two new surveys were presented, showing that if 3D TVs take off, gamers will indeed be the primary force behind the shift.

The first survey was present by Neil Schneider, executive director of the S-3D Alliance, a consortium that wants to promote non-proprietary 3D standards so that the majority of 3D content and hardware works with each other without any barriers to frustrate consumers. (Try explaining to somebody who just bought a Samsung 3D HDTV that their expensive glasses will not work if brought over to a friend’s house that has a Panasonic 3D set.) The survey, U-Decide 2010, had almost 1,200 participants.

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