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Trend spotting at Eurogamer Expo: Kinect vs 3D

By October 5, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Trend spotting at Eurogamer Expo: Kinect vs 3D

By Mark Brown

This weekend, Eurogamer put on its third annual gaming gathering, Eurogamer Expo, at Earls Court in London. The result of cramming three huge console manufacturers, and about 50 top games, into a conference hall is a nice digestible recap of what everyone’s banking on for the upcoming Christmas holidays and the year ahead — a hands-on state of the nation and a visual trend-spotters guide to gaming.

Sony’s major focus at this year’s conference, other than showing off the next wave of games promised for its recently launched Move, was 3D. Not for the tight of cash, many of Sony’s biggest named games came with stereoscopic goggles, as well as a controller, chained to the table.

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