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Toshiba to Show No-glasses 3D TV Next Week

By September 30, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Toshiba to Show No-glasses 3D TV Next Week

By Martyn Williams

Toshiba will unveil a 3D TV on Monday that doesn’t require the viewer to wear glasses.

Televisions that can show 3D images have been on sale for less than a year from major manufacturers. All have required that the viewer wear a special pair of glasses.

The glasses are needed because each eye must be presented with a similar but slightly different image so the brain can be tricked into seeing depth where there is none.

In current 3D TVs, images for each eye are displayed rapidly one after the other. Filters in the glasses flash on and off in sync with the TV picture so the right eye sees one image and the left eye sees the next.

Toshiba’s new technology does away with the glasses.

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