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Michael Lewis of RealD On Why 3-D Is Here To Stay

By September 23, 2010Newswires

Michael Lewis of RealD On Why 3-D Is Here To Stay

By Dorothy Pomerantz

Interested in placing a financial bet on the 3-D revolution? RealD is one of the public companies you might consider. The Beverly Hills based tech company makes the software and hardware that lives with the  digital projector and allows it to show images in 3-D. RealD also provides the glasses to theaters. Their technology is in 7,500 screens around the world.

The company went public this summer and the stock currently trades at around $17, down 20% from a high of  $21. But with more 3-D movies hitting theaters every day, the company’s revenue should continue to grow. RealD gets a portion of the price of every ticket sold for a movie on a screen using RealD technology.

Forbes sat down with co-founder and chief executive Michael Lewis at the recent 3-D Summit in Los Angeles to discuss the backlash against 3-D, moving the technology into the home and how people will be experiencing 3-D a year from now.

FORBES: Explain how RealD fits into the 3-D world.

LEWIS: We are licensors of premium 3-D technology. We’re on the delivery side. When you go into a theater our system, which is licensed to the theater own, is in the projector and we get paid when people come to see the movies.

In the home it’s the same situation. We work with the consumer electronics companies to license our technology. We also live in the eyewear.

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