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Sharp: More Quattron, More 3D, More Takei

By September 23, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires
Sharp: More Quattron, More 3D, More Takei
Sharp will debut a pair of 3D Aquos TVs, 3D Blu-ray player and 3D projector.

By Arlen Schweiger

We knew 3D would be huge at CEDIA Expo 2010,  just as it was at CES.

Remember CES back in January? That’s where every other major display manufacturer was previewing their 3D TVs, while Sharp only had its yellow-added-as-fourth-color television technology to showcase, before eventually joining the 3D game. Soon it became known as Quattron.

Well, now it’ll be known as Quattron 3D, with an ad campaign around the new 3D sets—which unlike others include that yellow primary color tech in addition to traditional RGB—set to begin today.

Sharp debuted the new Aquos 3D TVs during its press conference at CEDIA Expo 2010 on Wednesday. The two models will be part of Sharp’s Quattron LE925 Series, and be offered in big sizes of 52 and 60 diagonal inches. Sharp adds that its 10th-gen manufacturing facility aids in allowing it to produce some of the biggest 3D displays out there.

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