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The Grand Tour of European 3D TV

By September 13, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

The Grand Tour of European 3D TV

Notable 3D beachheads have emerged in 15 European markets

By George Winslow

A slew of announcements for 3D production and channels have been pouring out of Europe in recent months, with a B&C survey of 3D launches showing that broadcasters and operators in at least 15 countries have already aired 3D programs or announced plans to launch channels.

As in the U.S., satellite operators have made some of the highest profile investments, with satellite service provider SES Astra already beaming out a Astra 3D, a demo service, throughout Europe and DTH providers BSkyB in the U.K., Sky Deutschland, and Canal+ in France all having launched or announced imminent launches of 3D channels. But cable operators and IPTV providers have also been busy, with Liberty Global’s UPC Broadband’s cable systems transmitting 3D programs in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Poland and IPTV providers Orange in France and Deutsche Telecom in Germany expanding their 3D offerings.

“It’s like everyone is marking their territory and trying to get out ahead of the trend because they sense that yes, 3D, will be successful,” noted Doug I. Sheer, CEO and chief analyst at D.I.S. Consulting, which just completed a major survey of the global market for 3D production equipment.

Broadcasters are being more cautious, but networks in France, Spain and Portugal have dipped their toes in the 3D production and the BBC seems likely to produce at least some of the London 2012 Summer Olympic in 3D, though the pubcaster has not committed to actually transmitting those signals into the home.

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