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The real ‘Avatar’: Cameron shoots Amazon tribe in 3D

By September 8, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

The real ‘Avatar’: Cameron shoots Amazon tribe in 3D

By Guy Adams

You wait all these years for James Cameron to make a 3D film about a peaceful tribe whose pastoral existence is threatened by greedy developers. Then, like the proverbial London bus, three come along in quick succession.

The director behind Avatar, which last year became the most lucrative movie in history, making more than $2bn at the box office, has announced that he will visit Brazil later this year to make a documentary about an Amazon tribe’s efforts to block construction of a dam they fear will destroy traditional hunting grounds.

Cameron said that the plight of the Xikrin-Kayapo tribe – which he has already chronicled in one short documentary – reminded him of that of the Na’vi, the blue-skinned aliens whose planet is exploited by a mining company in the blockbuster film. “I want to return to meet some of the leaders of the Xikrin-Kayapo tribe who invited me back,” he said, adding that he had first met the group during a tour of the Amazon to promote Avatar. “I want to take a 3D camera to film how they live, their culture.”

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