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Panasonic’s push: Record your own 3D video

By September 1, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Panasonic’s push: Record your own 3D video

By Stephen Shankland

BERLIN–Panasonic made its 3D sales pitch Wednesday, showing new 3D products and saying it’s plugged a final gap: letting people record their own 3D video.

At the IFA electronics show here, the company touted its HDC-SDT750 camcorderand offered attendees a chance to try the camera on their own. The model combines a regular 1080p video camera with an optional 3D lens attachment that gathers the necessary dual views for the left and right eye.

“We have already produced 3D eyewear, TVs, theaters, Blu-ray drive players. However, there is still one thing missing,” said Makoto Nagura, director of Panasonic’s video camera business unit. “That is to keep your precious moments in 3D.”

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