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Doom developer dismisses 3D

By August 25, 2010Newswires

Doom developer dismisses 3D

TVs too flipping expensive says Id CEO

By Ben Hardwidge

The stereoscopic 3D fad may be pulling in punters at the flicks, but the head of Id Software reckons gamers don’t want to stick on a pair of 3D specs just to play a game.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Id’s co-owner and CEO Todd Hollenshead said this was still true if you had a proper set of 3D shutter glasses, rather than the cheap plastic polarisers you get at the cinema.

“I know the stuff in your living room is different. You can get higher quality glasses that fit,” said Hollenshead. “But you’ve still got to sit in your living room wearing these glasses, and then if you’re playing games and move your head then it can get out of phase, which is a major issue.”

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