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Fujifilm releases second 3D camera

By August 17, 2010Newswires

Fujifilm releases second 3D camera

By Leonard Goh

Last year, Fujifilm debuted the world’s first consumer-oriented 3D compact, the Real 3D W1. Today, the company announced the successor to the Real 3D W3.

The new 3D point-and-shoot sports several improvements over its predecessor. The most significant upgrade would be the inclusion of a 3D HD video-recording function. This lets mainstream consumers capture high-definition 3D movies with ease. Additionally, the camera sports a mini-HDMI port, so users can connect the shooter to a compatible HDTV to view the images and videos stored on it. The LCD display has also increased from 2.8 inches on the W1 to 3.5 inches on the W3.

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