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James Cameron Dishes On the Future of Avatar

By August 9, 2010Newswires

James Cameron Dishes On the Future of Avatar, How Big His Wallet Looks With 3D Glasses On

By Matt Lopez

Taking time out of his busy schedule helping clean up the Gulf of Mexico oil spill (does that thing have a nickname yet, like “Gulfspillapalooza” or “Oilgate”?) James Cameron sat down with reporters for a telephone interview this past weekend ostensibly to discuss the pending re-release of Avatar into theaters August 27, but ends up covering way more ground than just that. Here’s our round-up of interesting quotes from the mouth of the fifth most successful director of all time. 

Talking about his upcoming team-up with Del Toro on The Mountains of Madness:

It came up pretty quickly just two or three weeks ago…We were talking about one thing and I said ‘Hey what about The Mountains of Madness, are you still doing that?’ And I wasn’t even angling to produce it, I just wanted to know where his head was, what he was doing. And he said ‘I want to make that film so much, that’s my passion film’…So that conversation just led to ‘OK, here’s a concrete plan, let’s do it, let’s go talk to Universal’…So hopefully we’ll be going second-quarter next year…and in 3D.

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