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PlayStation Move ‘takes 3D to new level’

By August 9, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

PlayStation Move ‘takes 3D to new level’

Sony’s 3D games development head gets excited

The head of Sony’s 3D Games development Mick Hocking is getting excited about the possibility of Move in the 3D environment, explaining that the motion-sensing technology takes 3D “to the next level”.

In an interview with Sony’s official PlayStation site, Hocking explains how Move will work with 3D, noting: “What we’ve done with PlayStation Move is to take that spatial control of gaming into a very accurate and very dynamic realm; it’s really taking it to a new level.

“You can just imagine the possibilities of controlling something in 3D outside of the screen and looking at it being controlled in 3D within the TV screen.”

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