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Q&A: Blitz Talks Indies Program, Kinect Development, Claims ‘No Lag’ In Kinect

By August 4, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Q&A: Blitz Talks Indies Program, Kinect Development, Claims ‘No Lag’ In Kinect

by Brandon Sheffield

The UK-based Blitz Games (Dead To Rights: Retribution, Droplitz) announced the Blitz 1Up initiative some time ago – a program intended to assist indie developers in bringing their games to market.

The Blitz 1Up program promises to help indie teams with distribution, PR, marketing, funding, QA, and design, and helps developers bring their games to platforms such as the PC, Mac, and Xbox Live Arcade. The company has so far signed several indie titles across multiple platforms, including Buccaneer: The Pursuit Of Infamy, Clover: A Curious Tale, and KrissX.

On top of that, the company has made a major push for Microsoft’s upcoming Kinect platform, with games such as The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout and Yoostar! announced for the peripheral.

Gamasutra recently sat down with Blitz Games’ chief technical officer Andrew Oliver and business developer Chris Swan to discuss motion control games, the Blitz 1Up initiative, and distribution portals for indie titles.

Motion Controls And Casual Games

With motion control games, it looks like you’re going more in the Kinect direction than Move right now. Is that true?

AO: We’re very excited by Kinect, but Move has a lot of possibilities; we are doing some Move games, as well. I think they both make the market much broader and wider. I’ve seen some developers slightly criticize these things, but it’s like, if they’re into racers and shooters—that’s great! Use a controller. The controller’s still always there, but this will allow you new sorts of games. Just like going to a karaoke game without a microphone, there are certain types of genres that need these kinds of new devices.

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