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EA’s Peter Moore: 3D Comes With Some “Tech Challenges”

By July 31, 2010Newswires

EA’s Peter Moore: 3D Comes With Some “Tech Challenges”

By Michael Rougeau

It’s no secret that 3D gaming comes with a few negative caveats, most prominently, perhaps, the requirement that players wear stupid, expensive glasses. That’s not to mention the fact that PS3 3D will max out at 720p, a step below the maximum resolution of 1080p, meaning 3D games will never be able to look quite as good as their 2D counterparts. That may not be an issue for some, especially considering plenty of games today max out at 720 anyway.

Resolution issues aside, EA Sports head Peter Moore has revealed in the latest issue of Xbox World 360 that he’s run into some other problems developing for 3D, most notably issues with frame rate. “We’re certainly looking at 3D,” he said. “There are some tech challenges – frame rates being one.” Plenty of existing games have trouble with frame rate as it is, with too many enemies or effects on screen causing visual hiccups in more taxing titles on Xbox 360 and PS3 alike.

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