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Sharp enters 3-D TV market via Aquos series

By July 30, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Sharp enters 3-D TV market via Aquos series

OSAKA (Kyodo) Sharp Corp. on Thursday began selling 3-D televisions, joining competitors Panasonic Corp. and Sony Corp. in the emerging market of TVs that can project 3-D images.

Sharp rolled out the Aquos Quatron 3D TV LV series in 40- to 60-inch screen sizes with prices ranging from ¥280,000 to ¥600,000 at selected domestic electronics retailers, one day prior to the official launch date.

Sharp said the TVs feature its four-color liquid crystal display panel technology, which adds yellow to the conventional red, blue and green, to enhance the brightness of 3-D images.

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