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EA’s Schappert Talks Console Wars, Industry Growth and More

By July 24, 2010Newswires

EA’s Schappert Talks Console Wars, Industry Growth and More

During the E3 Expo, we had the pleasure of sitting down to chat with EA Chief Operating Officer John Schappert, who was quite excited about his company’s renewed focus on quality over quantity. We discussed EA’s continued shift into the digital world as well, and we also talked about the new 3D and motion technologies primed to make a big splash in the gaming world. Here’s our full Q&A.

IndustryGamers: Let’s start with your impressions of the new technologies out there: the 3D push from Sony, the 3DS from Nintendo, motion controls with Sony and Microsoft. How do you size up the market with all these new technologies?

John Schappert: I think it’s a great E3 for the industry. Normally, you come here and there’s one hardware surprise, and I can’t think of another E3 where everyone’s surprising in a positive way. And they’re positive surprises. It’s not like, “Yeah, they did that but I don’t know about that.” Every one of [these new technologies] is cool. The 3DS is just incredibly cool. The 3DS is magical. You put that in your hand, you look down, and all of a sudden it’s in 3D without glasses. That’s an amazing experience. I’m a huge fan. I think that device is going to sell like hot cakes. I think it’s going to do incredibly well, and in typical Nintendo fashion they have re-energized the industry, yet again. I give them nothing but credit and we are excited to be supporting that platform with Madden, FIFA, and The Sims that we announced.

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