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3D gaming coming to your home

By July 24, 2010Newswires

3D gaming coming to your home

By Steve Tilley

So you bit the bullet and splashed out the bucks for one of those fancy new 3D TVs. You’ve watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and Monsters Vs. Aliens on 3D Blu-ray five times each. You’re waiting (and waiting) for 3D TV channels to arrive. So now what?

Video games, that’s what.

Computer gamers have had the option of playing full stereoscopic 3D games for a couple of years now, but 3D gaming is only now coming to living room consoles with the arrival of 3D-capable high-definition TVs from Sony, Samsung and Panasonic.

Right now, Sony’s PlayStation 3 is the only real option for 3D gaming, thanks to a free online update has made the console compatible with 3D-enabled games. But while there is some stunning-looking 3D gaming on the way (Crysis 2 and Killzone 3 look especially hot), only a handful of titles currently boast 3D visuals.

Still, we got our mitts on one of Panasonic’s gorgeous new Viera VT25 series 3D plasma TVs, hooked up the PS3, donned the battery-powered glasses and took a look at all the 3D games we could get our hands on. Does 3D add new depth to video games, or is it a gimmick that just falls flat?

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