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“TRON:Legacy” movie brings video game world to life

By July 24, 2010Newswires

“TRON:Legacy” movie brings video game world to life

By John Gaudiosi

(Reuters) – Back in 1982, first-time director Steven Lisberger brought mainstream audiences into the world of videogames with the sci-fi thriller “TRON”, using early computer-generated imagery that paved the way for today’s 3D movie blockbusters.

Now the long-awaited sequel “TRON:Legacy”, out in December from Walt Disney Pictures, is poised to push 3D technology and digital performance capture a step further.

“TRON: Legacy” finds the son of videogame developer Kevin Flynn being pulled into the digital world that has trapped his father for 20 years.

Director Joe Kasinski took the technology that was introduced in the backward aging 2008 movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” to create a completely virtual human character, Clu, played by Jeff Bridges who was also the star of the original “TRON”.

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