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3D Takes the Mound

By July 19, 2010Newswires

3D Takes the Mound

Early baseball coverage bodes well for new format

By Glen Dickson

The World Of Major League Baseball had plenty of front-page news last week with the deaths of two New York Yankees legends, announcer Bob Sheppard and owner George Steinbrenner, and the first All-Star Game win by the National League over the American League since 1996. So, it’s understandable that another potentially historic development happened mostly under the radar: the league’s first foray in stereoscopic 3D production.

For the last major U.S. professional league to experiment with the 3D format, MLB’s All-Star Week created a flurry of activity, with two regular- season games, the State Farm Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game all broadcast in 3D in a span of four days. And while no further 3D broadcasts are scheduled, the early verdict from network executives is that baseball in 3D is nothing short of a home run.

“I always thought baseball would be one of the sports least conducive to 3D,” says Ed Delaney, VP of operations for YES Network. “After seeing this, it may be one of the best.”

“Everybody was very surprised at how really cool baseball looked in 3D,” adds Jerry Steinberg, senior VP of field operations for Fox Sports. “It was amazing.”

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