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Legacy Games for Nintendo 3DS

By July 16, 2010Newswires

Legacy Games for Nintendo 3DS

This isn’t the first 3D system. Let’s celebrate with some classic Nintendo ports!

By Craig Harris

The Nintendo 3DS is coming, and signs point to it being the next big thing in gaming. Yes, the system will be far more capable than the current Nintendo DS platform is, but what is and what’s going to get most of the attention is the fact that the system is a full stereoscopic 3D-capable system that doesn’t need glasses to pull off the effect.

This is a Pretty Big Deal in this generation of technology. Like it or lump it, the entertainment industry is driving the point home that you want 3D: movies, television, and games are being shoved into the realm of stereoscopic 3D harder than it ever has before because the tech is at that point: it’s cheap and the effect is fully believable.

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