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Japanese Devs Comment on 3DS

By July 15, 2010Newswires

Japanese Devs Comment on 3DS

Designers from Capcom, Sega, and more chime in.

By Kevin Gifford

All across the world, everyone seems to love (or, at least, not mind having around) the Nintendo 3DS. That fact remains just as true over in Japan, where a recent survey on game news site found that 86.4% of gamers had plans to purchase a 3DS when it comes out.

Judging by the comments printed in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine, the nation’s army of developers is no less excited about the new platform. Here are some quotes from the best and brightest of the Japanese game biz:

– “I’m being struck with the intense desire to make something on it. It’s the same sort of excitement I had when I first saw the Wii and DS in Nintendo’s office, but now it’s at a whole new level. This may the first time in the industry where the terms ‘next generation’ and ‘personal dream’ were so appropriate. I’d gladly throw away everything else for a shot at touching the 3DS.” –Atsushi Inaba, producer, Platinum Games

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