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Market for 3D TV needs time to mature

By July 12, 2010Newswires

Market for 3D TV needs time to mature
US consumers cautious for lack of content, tech glitches

By Kim Yoo-chul
Korea Times correspondent

LOS ANGELES, California ― With the economic recovery progressing, a growing number of American customers are ready to pay more to buy electronics products.

Encouraged by positive signs of strengthening consumer confidence, more shoppers are flocking to electronics stores either to upgrade their hand-held devices or to buy new ones.

Also among the hot-selling items are liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions with light-emitting diode (LED) backlight.

So far, analysts have been forecasting a greater growth potential in the LED TV segment, as it is quite unclear whether the few premier buyers would be willing to pay to obtain pricier and software imperfect three dimensional (3D) televisions.

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