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Sony is not ‘betting’ on 3D, it merely tries to stay itself

By July 9, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Sony is not ‘betting’ on 3D, it merely tries to stay itself.

By Hubert Nguyen

As we sat with Sony’s Stan Glasgow (at CES 2010 in the photo above) for a short group discussion in San Francisco, I was sure that today would yield a bunch of “Sony bets the farm of 3D” articles and here they are. Indeed, Sony is counting on 3D (stereo 3D) to boost its sales and margins, but talking about a ‘bet’ implies that Sony has another choice – it doesn’t.

Some have suggested that Sony should go attack the sub-$1000 HDTV segment because it is the fastest growing, but the truth is that Sony is not built for that, it doesn’t think like that, it’s not in its DNA. Despite a recent decline, the Sony brand -the company’s most formidable asset- is still very powerful, and going after the low-end market will probably destroy it, without giving Sony any assurance of a victory over Vizio, LG or Samsung. This is a no-win strategy. To keep its brand while increasing its margins, Sony only has one option: go 3D all the way.

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