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Where is all the 3D content for 3D HDTVs?

By July 6, 2010Newswires

Where is all the 3D content for 3D HDTVs?

Not much happening so far, and it may take a while to change

By Tom Katsiroubas

Stunning, amazing, incredible, are just a few words used to describe the experience of watching 3D HDTV, the latest in TV technology. If you get an opportunity to try it out at one of the local HDTV retailers, you will surely be impressed.

3D HDTV images appear to pop off the screen and the high definition resolution provides incredible clarity and depth that seems better than any 3D movie in the theatre.

This isn’t your father’s 3D technology, which used the old style coloured lens glasses. To watch the new version, you need a 3D HDTV set and special battery-powered “active-shutter” glasses that communicate with your TV. To watch a 3D movie or show, you also need a 3D Blu-ray player or a 3D television broadcast, but there in lies the biggest problem with 3D HDTVs:

Where’s all the 3D content?

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