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Purported Microsoft Documents Outline Windows 8

By June 29, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Purported Microsoft Documents Outline Windows 8

By Jeanette Borzo

SAN FRANCISCO(Dow Jones)–A series of documents purported to be plans for the Windows 8 operating system suggest Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) wants to be more like the company it nearly put out of business: Apple Inc. (AAPL).

On Monday, several blogs posted slides supposedly from a Microsoft presentation on the next version of its ubiquitous operating system. Some of those slides reference Apple and its “virtuous cycle” of product development. The slides also reference an operating system for a slate computer, presumably a device like Apple’s newly-released iPad.

Microsoft Journal and Microsoft Kitchen, two blogs that write about the company, were among the sites posting the documents.

A Microsoft spokeswoman declined to comment on the documents or verify their authenticity.

The apparent Microsoft documents call for an operating system that starts up faster, connects to devices more easily and recognizes users’ faces in order to log them in automatically. The documents, which appeared to be targeted at hardware partners, also said that Windows 8 will offer “support for premium media experiences such as stereoscopic 3D and Wireless TVs.”

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