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Nintendo changing the game with 3D console

By June 28, 2010Newswires

Nintendo changing the game with 3D console

By Oliver Chiang

LOS ANGELES — Tired from Nintendo’s press event and rounds of interviews at the E3 videogame conference last week, Satoru Iwata wore an air of earned contentment.

Amid new motion-sensing game systems from Microsoft and Sony, and Apple stepping into the videogame market with the iPhone and iPad, Nintendo’s chief executive managed to steal the show when he unveiled the Nintendo 3DS handheld game console.

Iwata sat down with Forbes at E3 to talk primarily about the 3DS, the successor to Nintendo’s hugely successful DS line, which has sold more than 120 million units to date. The 3DS has added some new features: a 3.5-inch wide screen, two front cameras that can take 3-D photos, an accelerometer and gyroscope for motion-control game-play, and improved graphics processing and resolution.

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