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Nascar speeds onto the 3D track

By June 22, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Nascar speeds onto the 3D track

By Mike Luttrell

The first-ever Nascar race to be broadcast in 3D will be presented on July 3, available on TV exclusively through DirecTV, but it will also be streamed live in 3D on Nascar’s Web site.

The Coke Zero 400 race in Daytona will be the first major sporting event to be streamed live in stereoscopic 3D online. Users will need a specific 3D computer, as well as active shutter glasses, to enjoy the 3D event. much in the same way it did with a huge adoption of HD content. Those with only a 3D TV, though, can also watch as long as they have DirecTV, which is proving itself as an innovator in 3D broadcasting

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