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New laptops take different approaches to 3D

By June 21, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

New laptops take different approaches to 3D

By John Morris

My colleagues at ZDNet have been covering some of the 3D laptop announcements coming out of Toshiba and Lenovo. A boutique PC company, Origin, also unveiled a 3D laptop at E3 last week. These new notebooks join 3D models from Acer and Asus, which began shipping late last year. I recently spotted a few others on the show floor at Computex, and Nvidia and Microsoft have said they are also working with Alienware and Dell among others on so-called 3D PCs, so I expect to see more models in the near future.

So far all of these are mainstream laptops with 15.6-inch or larger displays. Don’t expect to find an ultraportable laptop with this technology any time soon, largely because it requires a powerful processor and discrete graphics, but also because video looks best on a big, high-resolution display.

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