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MS: 360 can match PS3’s 3D capabilities

By June 21, 2010Newswires

MS: 360 can match PS3’s 3D capabilities

“From a technical side, there’s nothing we can’t do”

By Tim Ingham

Microsoft has claimed that there’s nothing PS3 can do in terms of 3D that the Xbox 360 can’t emulate.

Speaking exclusively to CVG, Xbox global marketing boss Albert Penello said that Xbox 360 was “technically” ready for the 3D revolution.

However, the exec added that Xbox was “happy to follow” on the tech until player adoption rates made it worthwhile.

When asked if he was concerned that Sony had “got there first” with 3D tech, he replied:

“I’m not. We have 3D games – obviously the Avatar game came out last year – and the console fully supports 3D. But for us right now, we’re more on the 3D input take, you know, revolutionising things with Kinect.

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