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E3 2010: the five key themes

By June 21, 2010Newswires

E3 2010: the five key themes

What was really going on during last week’s E3 exhibition? Gamesblog looks at the prevailing trends and themes on the showfloor…

By Keith Stuart

The jury’s out on motion control and 3D
In the run up to the exhibition, it seemed that this E3 would all be about these two competing evolutionary prospects – in the absence of a next-generation console war, it was as close as we were going to get to a technological face-off. But the specialist press remained largely undecided. With Kinect there were concerns about lag (though Nick Burton at Rare insisted to Eurogamer that this won’t be a problem on release) and about a lack of variety in the launch software. If you’re a fan of fitness games and multi-sport sims, you’re fine, but apart from Ubisoft’s Child of Eden there was little to catch the imagination of hardened E3 veterans. But really, it’s all about getting this tech into the hands of the mainstream consumers, who will be the real judges of its merits.

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