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E3 2010: Hideki Konno Wants You to Read the Morning Paper

By June 18, 2010Newswires

E3 2010: Hideki Konno Wants You to Read the Morning Paper

Our exclusive interview with the 3DS hardware director reveals the method behind its madness.

IGN: We knew the 3DS was in the works since Nintendo let some information out before the system was shown here at E3, but the big surprise is that it’s actually very, very good. The 3D works, and it’s just a beautiful system.

Konno: Did you have time to look at it in the booth?

IGN: I played a lot of it, yes.

Konno: Could you tell me your impression?

IGN: Yes. I’m a big fan of the form factor — I’ve always liked the DSi. And the 3D is amazing. I think you’re showing off a lot of really good ideas for games, playable games, and I’m really impressed at what the system can do.

Konno: Thank you.

IGN: What do you think is the most noteworthy tech demo you’re showing here at E3?

Konno: I think there are so many titles at the 3DS booth, including first-party titles and support from our licensees like Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil. When we first were preparing for the DS, I think the situation was very different. I was preparing first-party titles for the system like Nintendogs and Mario Kart, and I think there was suspicion toward the Nintendo DS. Like, “What do you do with it? With the two screens and the touch panel?”

However, the DS has now been in the market so long that the two screens and the touch panel have been adopted, and the new 3DS’ stereoscopic graphics (and the graphics themselves being enhanced so much) have convinced our licensees and made them feel like it’s worthy to participate this time at such an early stage.

So, I am the hardware producer of the 3DS hardware itself. And I had the opportunity to invite as many people as possible to join the show and be involved in the 3DS. I was in the software development field for a very long time. And during software development, my focus was on how to fully utilize the limited specifications supporting by the hardware. But now as the producer for the 3DS hardware, I was taking into consideration the features of the hardware itself, and how its software will take advantage of the stereoscopic vision, as well as how much enhancement of the wireless features is necessary.

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