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Lenovo unveils 3D gaming laptop

By June 17, 2010Newswires

Lenovo unveils 3D gaming laptop

Stereoscopic fun with a Radeon

By Ben Hardwidge

The big cheeses at Microsoft and EA reckon it’s going to take a long time for stereoscopic 3D gaming to take off, but that hasn’t stopped every tech firm and its mutt from trying to clamber on to the wagon. The latest company to show off its 3D wares is Lenovo, which has just introduced a stereoscopic 3D laptop.

The Chinese laptop maker has kitted out its new IdeaPad Y560d with a TriDef 3D system, and includes a 15.6in 3D screen, as well as a set of polarising specs. By opting for a TriDef system, Lenovo has basically avoided going for a proprietary setup such as Nvidia’s 3D Vision technology.

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