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Electronic Arts Showcases New Games

By June 17, 2010Newswires

Electronic Arts Showcases New Games

By Chris Holt

Crysis 2

Cevat Yerli, CEO of Crytek, has expressed his skepticism about streaming games, and though EA is partnered with OnLive, it’s still unlikely we’ll see this graphically-stunning sci-fi first person shooter on the Mac anytime soon.

If you’re still interested, here’s a bit more about the game. The demo of the sequel showed a shift in location from the jungles of the first game to the city of New York in the second. The game will be more of a sandbox experience. Explains Yerli, “We give you the weapons, the nanosuit, but we don’t tell you how to play.”

Once again, you play as the ultimate super soldier with the arguably most versatile armor ever designed in gaming. Your task is to save New York. The alien enemies won’t be easy though; Yerli boasts that they will be the “most intelligent enemies you’ve encountered ever in an FPS.” In the demo, a number of biped mechs invade Grand Central Station in a storm of bullets and shattered glass. You and the human resistance run behind cover and begin to fight back. The nanosuit once again shows off its impressive abilities: the player can turn invisible and sneak a blind side shot at the enemy, or accelerate for fast-paced running, or become tougher to withstand incoming fire. After several rocket blasts and the use of some cleverly placed C4, the big mech went down and the action continued onto the street.

The biggest innovation with Crysis 2 is that it will be in 3D. 3D gaming has definitely been the talk of the show, as both Sony and Microsoft talked in detail about presenting 3D games within the next year (Nintendo did as well but only in regards to its 3DS mobile platform). Crysis 2 will be available this holiday season. Mac gamers would do well to pay attention to the first wave of 3D games as they’re released; will this catch on and if so, how will this technology find its way to the Mac?

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